Target Entrance is the flagship program of Westkutt Empowered®, aimed at imparting High quality training to students empowering them towards better career opportunities tapping sustainable digital technologies. The basic aim is to deliver the best of the resources to the doorstep of the potential aspirant with a vision of Skilling India through Digital India Initiatives.

The High-Quality Content is developed and is constantly being updated by a highly dedicated set of professionals in the relevant fields. Our solutions are implemented based on efficient and best fair practices across the globe and our services manned by software engineers and technicians in the most professional manner.

This intelligent system is created with the students in mind and to exactly suit their requirements based on our wealth of experience in the respective fields. Expert advises to keep you sharp, healthy, stress free and confident to optimise your resources towards success ensure that you enjoy the online training without interfering with the daily routines.

With broadband peneration gaining momentum across India, this initiative has seen students and institutions from even distant parts of India come together to study online, access high quality education resources helping themselves to upgrade their skills and excel in various examinations including UPSC, IIT JEE, Medical, CAT and CA Entrance Examinations.

About Westkutt

Westkutt was founded in 2001 in the city of Kochi in India by a group of spirited and energetic professionals including Doctors, Experts in Education, members of Civil Service, Social volunteers, Engineers, Chartered Accountants and Management Specialists. At Westkutt, we are all very passionate about what we work for and how we do it to benefit the community. Westkutt Empowered® is guided by innovative ideas from a laudable community think-tank whose thought processes are basically oriented towards Community development by empowering people.