The importance of Interviews as one of the most potent selection tools especially to careers with greater responsibilities cannot be underestimated. It is absolutely crucial in various highly competitive selection processes like the UPSC Examinations choosing the top bureaucracy in India, various other high level Government / Public sector appointments and in selection to various high profile Private sector jobs.

Mock Interview:      Though the interview would last just a few minutes, it takes a long and sustained effort to prepare for the same. It needs special focus and an understanding of the specific job interview you are planning to take. Mock interviews give a hands on experience in making the aspirants aware of how they are doing, widen their vision to the range of questions and situations that they could encounter, get advices on how to improve further and thus go a long way in preparing themselves effectively for the forthcoming interview.

A Golden Opportunity Entirely free:      We give a series of Mock Interviews to our students appearing for IAS interviews by a panel of Subject Experts and Specialists in the field.  Our students can avail it absolutely FREE. Students even get their travel tickets and boarding facilities absolutely free for attending the same.

We are proud  to be partners in grooming the IAS officers of tomorrow.