General knowledge is a vital component of Crystallized intelligence and is strongly associated with general intelligence. It is a important part of one’s life which helps him perceive the world better, understand and analyse situations better and enhance the confidence level to tackle issues better. Studies have found that people who are highly knowledgeable in a particular domain tend to be knowledgeable in many. This is the basic rationale based on which General Knowledge forms an integral part of various Examinations from course admissions to  job interviews. Since there is no standard syllabus to GK unless specified (eg: UPSC Examinations for IAS), one cannot take chances, precisely why have tried covering the vast topics in our set of skill sets which cover India and the World, Current Affairs, Mental Ability, General Sciences and Social Sciences. 

India and the World Topics:

India: This includes National Symbols, Indian States and Union Territories, Geographical landmarks and superlatives, Indian Armed Forces, Internal Security, Atomic Energy and successes, Space programme, National Institutions etc. Indian Culture covers Indian Literature, Dances of India, Indian Theatre and Drama, Music of India, Indian Painting, Media Publishing and Newspapers, Indian Heritage sites and other famous places etc.

World: Countries of the World, their parliaments and symbols, Geographical landmarks and superlatives of the world, Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World, World Religions, Languages, Riverside Cities etc. International section covers The United Nations, other Regional Unions like the Common Wealth, EU, SAARC, Non-aligned Movement (NAM), Other International Organisations, International Treaties and Agreements

Other Important areas cover Inventions and Discoveries, Books and Authors, Sobriquets, Winners of Important Awards like the Nobel Prizes and the Oscars, Firsts in India and the World, Sports and Games.