Understanding Science is a way of realising the natural, physical and chemical components of the world we live in. All our achievements and discoveries till date is a function of our curious mind and our ability to think critically. The rapid advancements in Technology and Innovation are increasingly important in all walks of life including our economic well-being and quality of life. Hence, it can usually be found at the core of significant political decisions involving short term or long term planning as well. 

Importance in career development: 

Scientific attitude - the logical way of thinking clearly, reasonably and without any prejudice-  is absolutely important which ever career you choose. In addition, job providers look at your curiosity, enthusiasm and willingness to take up challenges. As a part of the General Studies papers in many competitive examinations like the UPSC / PSC examinations, one is expected to know the basic principles of Science and Technology and the recent developments in the relevant fields. Generally, NCERT Science syllabus of Grades IX and X covers all the required basics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

A.  Important topics in Physics include Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Friction, Gravitation, Heat transfer, Ray Optics, Natural phenomena of Light, Space science etc

B.  Important topics in Chemistry include Radio activity, Nuclear Reactions, Carbon Dating, Acid rain, isotopes, isobars, Metals, Nonmetals, Acid, Base, Salinity, Anti-oxidants,, Vitamins, Energy energy sources.

C.  Important topics in Biology include Biotechnology principles like Recombinant DNA Technology, Gene Therapy, Plasmid and Vector, Antibiotics, Multi Drug Resistance, Photosynthesis, Respiration in plants, Basics of Human Physiology and Diseases, Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change etc.

D.  Recent Developments and other areas of importance include Nano technology, Telecommunications, Cryogenic technology, Microplastics, Higgs Boson Particles etc. 

We will be dealing elaborately on the entire gamut of these topics in our study area.