Current Affairs: It is extremely important to stay updated on matters of public importance as we all are directly or indirectly affected by what goes around us - both at the national and international levels in this world of globalization and intersectoral interdependence. 

Current affairs comprise of news, information, awareness and comprehension on all topics ranging from Business, money, politics, International agreements, Sports, Education, Employment, Terrorism, Crime, Ethics and all that is happening around in every walk of life. Apart from academic knowledge, students need to be aware of Current Affairs as most competitive examinations - whether it is for IAS, PSCs, PSUs, Bank PO / Clerks, SSCs or for courses like LLB, MBA etc. – have steadily been increasing the weightage on this knowledge skill set. IAS examinations have recently started asking more than fifty percent questions from Current affairs in Preliminary as well as Mains examinations. No matter what the objective of an individual is, it is always important to develop a proper perspective on issues around him. That is where Current Affairs becomes extremely important.

The prime source could be TV news, Newspapers, Internet, News and Business magazines, Specialist Journals or Magazines, Radio, Talk shows or even word of mouth. Staying updated on current affairs in this competitive and busy schedule of today may be challenging for many, but sections specifically designed for Current affairs really help individuals to get the glimpse and knowledge about all the recent happenings all at one go, whenever they find time.

At Target Entrance®, we keep you updated on Current Affairs by covering National and International Events, People, Places, Events in News, Awards & Prizes, Books & Authors, Economic Affairs, Sports and Games etc - both the raw news as well as discussions / opinions helping you to develop a clear perspective on each subject matter of current importance.

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