The importance of taking the right decision at the right moment and the right place cannot be underestimated especially for those in Administration and Management roles. This requires the mind to be alert to appreciate the situation, analyse data available, establish logical relationships and arrive at correct conclusions enabling him to take the right decisions. That is why the recruitment of officers through UPSC / PSC examinations or by Banks, PSUs and Major Private Companies invariably incorporate this skill set to their requirement basket. This also explains why most of the institutions selecting a student for a future course like MBA, LLB etc incorporate Mental Ability Tests as an important component of the selection process as well.

Competency areas and Subsets 

Verbal and Arithmetic Reasoning including Verification of Truth of the statement

Analogies and Relations, Blood Relations

Logical sequences and series including Analogy

Coding and Decoding

Basic Numeracy, Mathematical Operations

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Assertion and Reason


Data Sufficiency

Direction Sense Test

Inserting The Missing Character

Logical Venn Diagram

Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test

Sequential Output Tracing

Situation Reaction Test