English is the language of diplomacy, the language of international commerce & a language of opportunity in today’s globalised world. It is also a rich literary treasure which introduces us to Western thought and culture. It is through this language that we have distilled the essence of modern knowledge in all fields of human activity, which is on our finger tips in this Internet era. 

Role of English in Career Development 

With the increasing reliance on English communication skills in exams and recruitment processes in all major competitive examinations, burgeoning number of Indian students taking up higher education in foreign universities and ever increasing number of international companies adopting English as their first language, English proficiency has become a vital skill and a tool to survival in a competitive environment.

On improving career prospects, English still remains as a major tool for power, prestige and growth in your career goals. English Language plays a very important role in almost all competitive examinations right from a simple clerical exam to the IAS exams; though the expectation levels may vary. It is important not only in the subjective examination part of the selection process, but also in interviews in a big way. Proficiency in English helps a person stand out in the crowd making him a sure shot winner.

Being able to speak English eloquently and confidently gives an individual a clear advantage in a highly competitive world. In all fields and roles where International communication is crucial, they are readily sought for. People proficient in English are also highly sought after especially where Information and Research are critical considering the fact that more than two thirds of the scientists in the world read in English and 80% of the world’s electronically stored information is in English and 75% of the world’s mail is written in English. 

This pivotal role played by English can be converted to your advantage by upgrading your proficiency levels by regular and systematic learning of the English usage and communication techniques. We help you in this conscious effort.