Traditionally, "A classroom is a learning space, a room in which classes are held". With Target Entrance, you get a personalised learning space which is accessible on your mobile / tablet / laptop or PC, where you can learn at your own pace and at your own convenience 24 x 7. 

A sneek peek of your classroom 

Inside your classroom, you get to brush up vital concepts in all chapters of your subjects arranged chapterwise. You get to check your concept level understanding with concept level tests and then do a comprehensive practice of MCQs chapterwise - solved with detailed explanations.  In addition, you get access to a handy formula companion for each subject which is a ready reckoner and a "Must read" 

From the classroom, you can attempt Unlimited Mock Tests.. you heard it right - UNLIMITED!!!  You can configure each test as per difficulty levels and as per various Marking schemes so that you get the exact feel of doing each type of entrance examination. From a simple exam with (1,0) marking to the difficult ones with an equally challenging (1,-1) or (4,-1) marking, you can try it all here in your classroom. You also have split tests to assess your preparedness in tackling questions with negative marking. You also get access to the Strategies Area to make sure you learn the right way, stay healthy all the way and do the exams the smarter way to ensure the best outcomes.

For a detailed idea about the Classroom and a hands on experience, you can REGISTER HERE. It is free !!