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Target Entrance® is a sureshot success mantra for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations.
  • It has an online training classroom where you can brush up your important concepts, revise formulae, do unlimited practice with online Mock Tests, analyse your performance based on various parameters and suggests various strategies and tips to maximise your potential and scores in Entrance Examinations. It is available 24 x 7 accessible via Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and even a smart phone where you can study at your own pace and convenience.
  • It also helps in answering the twenty MCQ / One word questions in each subject of your Board Examinations
Our Academic mentors suggest you to spend just 30 minutes on this system every day; study sytematically and consitently. So we have made most of the mock tests duration less than 30 minutes. Only when you do longer mock tests or Benchmark Tests you need to spend more time to complete the test at a single stretch.
Yes! You can do unlimited Mock Tests and each test will be unique! We have 1 lakh + Solved MCQs for your practice. You can also do tests in the exact same NTA interface in which you will do computer based examinations
UNMASK - Ultimate Negative Mark Analysis and Strategic Key - Personalised Module is specifically designed to help you understand how you are equiped in handling MCQs with Negative Marks and plan personalised strategies to build on it maximising your potential using AI
After revising the concepts of each chapter, the student has to do a Concept Evaluation Test (CET) which is a very simple test with straight forward questions just to check whether he / she has understood the concepts well. Unless one does the CET, he will not be able to proceed to the Detailed Practice Section. It is in the detailed practice area that the student gets to study questions of all difficulty levels and view detailed solutions to each of them.
Mock Tests allow you unlimited practice by doing tests with various permutations and combinations. Each of the mock tests will be different from others. Benchmark Tests are standardised tests which helps one to assess his performance among other students and also identify his level of preparation with respect to the subjects. Each student will be able to do a Benchmark Test only once.
Login ID should not be shared with anyone else. The system will automatically block such a usage. This is a personal learning space. The pattern of your performance will be analysed in detail to give you personalised suggestions. If others login to do mock tests, the purpose will be defeated. Benchmark tests are available only once, hence you will not be able to benchmark your performance as well. If you have friends who want to use the system, please refer them to us. We will help them get the system at better prices or even free.
  • If you are trying to login for the first time, please make sure that your account has been activated.
  • If your account is active, please check whether your login username (email) and password are correct. If you have forgotten your password, please reset it from the Login page.
  • This can also happen if you have not logged out of the system you were logged in previously or if your system has been idle for a while. It is a good habit to concentrate and study well and log out of the study area when you are not studying. You can solve this by clearing your Browser cache by pressing   Ctrl + F5   or   Clear Cache from your Settings option of your browser and login again. If it still does not work and still returns you to the blank Login page, you may use another browser to Login.
Each package is allotted for a specific time period. If the period has expired, you may have to extend the validity by contacting us
No. This is a self contained online platform and this usually does not supplant Classroom or School training, but supplements them to enlarge their scope and availability 24 x 7. It also is a major tool for students who need to prepare for Entrance examinations themselves.